New art space in Sofia

Wednesday, 13 July 2022

An outdoor stage in the very heart of Sofia, festive lighting, urban furniture and abundant vegetation, favorable to bees and biodiversity, will transform the deserted garden on the hill at 1 Budapest Street, above the Goethe-Institut. And the hitherto closed courtyard of the BAS will come alive with a stage and a bar.

Within 4 days - from July 14 to 17, the Festival 100 chairs - Budapest #1 will offer its visitors evenings with a soulful atmosphere under the trees and acoustic and alternative music in the open air. The organizer of the event is the "Collective" foundation, which unites citizens, businesses and institutions in the transformation of the urban space and gained popularity with another of its projects - The Rivers of the City.

The long-term idea of ​​the 100 Chairs initiative is to gradually unlock for public use many abandoned urban places. And the event at "Budapest" Street #1 invites the citizens of the capital to imagine what the city could look like with more green, accessible public spaces in all neighborhoods.

Program of the festival

Thursday, July 14, 7 p.m.
Live music with Clavexperience
Dimitar Gorchakov - synthesizers, Alexander Deyanov Skiller - beatbox, Pavel Terziyski - voice.
Clavexperience's music combines jazz, reggae, trip hop and IDM and is born of the moment, so every concert is different.

Friday, July 15, 7 p.m.
Live music with Tino and music selection - Naso Ruskov Kiril Hadjiev, better known as Tino from Voice of Bulgaria, will celebrate his birthday together with the audience. After his participation, Naso Ruskov will take care of the music until the end of the evening. Naso is well known on the music scene in Bulgaria as part of the groups Babyface Clan, Imbeciles & the Poison Umbrella, Les Animaux Sauvages.

Saturday, July 16, 7 p.m.
Live music with Cool Den + The Gentlemen
Songs for the people - this is how the work of the Cool Den group can be described. Her style is a mixture of punk, hip-hop, grunge, rock, ska and reggae. After them, the band The Gentlemen invites visitors to a musical evening under the trees.

Sunday, July 17, 7 p.m.
Dance lesson with Swing Society and acoustic swing with DESY & Peter
Anyone wishing to join the open lesson will learn basic Jazz Solo steps and incorporate them into choreography to music from the 1930s. They will also learn how to improvise. Desi Andonova and Petar Georgiev (Pesho Kitarata) will take care of the jazz atmosphere, recreating swing melodies with acoustic jazz guitar and vocals. The audience will hear some of the most recognizable jazz standards, as well as a few hidden "diamonds" from the treasury of American swing.

All events at the festival are with free admission.