Friday, 08 July 2022

This year, Bankya will celebrate its Holidays of mineral water, health and longevity Goreshlyatsi 2022 with a rich cultural program. The Goreshlyatsi holidays themselves are on July 15, 16, and 17, but the program in the emblematic park of Bankya Rotonda will start in advance from July 9 with a Summer Cinema under the stars and a screening of the retro film The Past Master on Excursion.

The organizers from the Bankya district have taken care that the events satisfy a wide range of cultural attitudes of an audience of the most diverse age range - starting with the Children's Radio Choir of the BNR on July 10 and ending with the songs of Vladi Ampov - Grafa.

On July 11, the latest book by Rumyana Nikolova, written on the idea of ​​designer Diana Shingarova, The authentic taste of Bankya - a look at the food of the old residents of Bankya - will be presented in the Tandra gallery. Tuesday, July 12, is the day when classical music performances by the Orpheus Quartet will reinforce the notes of aristocracy and sophistication that have hung in the Rotonda Park since the establishment of Bankya as a resort since the dawn of the last century.

This time will probably be discussed on July 13 - at the traditional meeting of long-term residents from the city and the surrounding villages with the mayor of the Bankya, Rangel Markov.

The evening of the same day promises to be very exotic, judging by its name - Brazilian evening - a concert by Sofia Jazz Formation and the TOUCAN Quartet at the Sinphonieta Sofia.

On the eve of the first day of Goreshliatsi, on July 14, folk ensembles from Bankya and from MKI Sredets will make your hearts dance. Fans of the popular singer Polly Paskova from Bankya will be able to hear her and congratulate her on her creative anniversary - 25 years on stage.

On July 15, at 9:00 a.m. in the local church Saints Kirik and Yulita is the key event of these holidays, around which the entire holiday is based - the Solemn Holy Liturgy and the water blessing for health, which will be celebrated. On the first night of Goreshlyak, fans of Melpomena will be delighted with the performances Puss in Boots at ZHAR Theater (MKI HC Sredets) and Live from the Other World with the participation of Albena Mihova, Kiril Efremov and Evgeni Budinov, who is from A bank.

The sounds of vintage car horns will ring out Bankya on July 16, Saturday, with a route from the village of Ivanyane to Kestenite Park in the 13th Auto Retro Parade together with the Bulgarian Retro Automobile Club, during which there will also be a concert of the Essence School of Arts. In the evening – a big concert with the participation of K.Lina, Trio VIVA and Grafa.

The 13th Plein Air of Bankya artists will take place on July 17 - Sunday, at 11:00 a.m. in Kestenite Park. At the same time, there is also the concert of the children from A Kamerton Music House. At 12:00 p.m., the Sirius Theater performance - The Dog That Couldn't Bark will begin.

And that's not all - on July 14 and 15, the pedestrian area will turn into the Crafts Alley, organized jointly with the Regional Chamber of Crafts - Sofia, and on July 16 and 17 - the Producer's Market.

Bankya is waiting for everyone who wants to treat themselves to a holiday during these days.