Dolchini Cup once again in Sofia

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

The Dolcini Cup began in May 2013 as a small competition between friends with the idea of attracting more amateurs to compete with professional cyclists. As a new initiative, only Facebook fans of the then popular Bulgarian Bicycle Network group showed interest.

Since then, the competition has been gaining more and more popularity and despite the Covid-19 pandemic at the beginning of July 2020 with the help of Sofia Municipality and Sofia European Capital of Sport Foundation the climbing of Vitosha was held, which brought together over 240 professional cyclists and nearly 50 amateurs. This was the biggest competition of the year on the territory of Sofia Municipality.

This year, 212 participants in 6 age groups in the cycling race for the Dolcini Cup were welcomed by thousands of Sofia’s residents and guests. The competition is part of a series that includes six elite competitions in Southwestern Bulgaria.

As usual, the starting line was next to Boyana residence, but for the first time this year the finishing line was in the Ophelia area. The winner for the men was Tsvetan Ivanov, and for the women - Maria Garalieva.

After the trials in Sofia, the series will end with the two competitions - Following the footsteps of the Romans, in Razlog on 28.06.2021 and in Bansko on 29.06.2021.