September 17 - Day of Sofia

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Happy holiday, Sofia!

Events for the Day of Sofia

In honor of the Day of Sofia - September 17 – Sofia Municipality's museums and Sofia Zoo we will welcome visitors free of charge. One could visit for free Regional History Museum – Sofia, the Archeological level of St Sophia Basilica, Vrana Museum Park, and Sofia City Art Gallery as well.

Serdika district. On September 17 at 6 pm, Serdika district will organize a festive concert dedicated to the Day of Sofia in Maychin Dom Garden (Mother's Home Garden), Hristo Botev Blvd. FREE ADMISSION. Featuring Rado Show and the folk singer Antonia Rangelova.

Oborishte district. On September 17, 2020 at 6 pm in Vladimir Zaimov Park, there will be a festive dance show and a carnival procession organized by Oborishte district, Sredets House of Culture MIC and the Association of Dancers, dedicated to the Day of Sofia. FREE ADMISSION. Featuring dance ensembles that are winners of international dance awards, as well as of national and international competitions and festivals: Sredets Sports Dance Club at Sredets House of Culture MIC, Zdravets Dance Ensemble at Sredets House of Culture MIC, Lyulin Folklore Ensemble, Shopski Naniz Dance Ensemble, Veda Junior Ballet Ensemble, Full Dance Dance Formation, Izvorche Youth Dance Ensemble at the National Palace of Children, Alegreta Dance studio at the National Palace of Children. The event is part of the Cultural Events Calendar of Sofia Municipality for 2020.

Mladost district. On September 17, Mladost district will as usual celebrate the Day of Sofia with a festive program. This year a folklore concert is organized with the participation of: Sofia Female Folk Choir, Shopkinya Folklore Vocal Group, Sborenka Folk Dance School, the folk singer Evelina Stancheva and her granddaughter Evelin Stancheva as well as the folk singer Ana-Maria Traykova. The concert will take place on September 17, 2020 at 6.30 pm on the summer stage in the park in Mladost 3. FREE ADMISSION. The event is part of the Cultural Events Calendar of Sofia Municipality for 2020.

Iskar district. A concert dedicated to the Day of Sofia will be held on September 17 at 6.30 pm in Iskar House of Culture. FREE ADMISSION. The event will feature the folk singer Boyka Dangova and Ognenite Dance Ensemble led by Petya Grigorova and Orlin Ivanov. The event is part of the Cultural Events Calendar of Sofia Municipality and is organized by Iskar district and Iskar House of Culture.

Outdoor gallery in the City Garden in front of Ivan Vazov National Theater. Sofia - a City of World-Famous Explorers and Scientists – Exhibition. Sofia - a City of World-Famous Explorers and Scientists is a mobile exhibition of the National Polytechnic Museum – Sofia. It presents the life and scientific contributions of ten world-famous Bulgarian scientists born and / or educated in our capital.

Some of them are: Acad. Angel Balevski - founder of the Bulgarian academic school in the field of metal sciences and technologies: Assen Jordanoff, whose name is in the Golden Book of American Inventors; Georgi Nadzhakov, who made the discovery that led to the invention of the photocopier; Prof. Ivan Stranski - one of the most famous Bulgarian scientists abroad; Metodi Popov, who developed one of the most significant achievements of Bulgarian biology – the study of the stimulation of life processes; Dr. Stamen Grigorov - discoverer of Lactobacterium Bulgaricum; Ivan Kostov - a Bulgarian crystallographer;Dimitar Paskov, who created the medicine Nivalin; Rumen Antonov – a Bulgarian inventor in the field of the automotive industry, and Doncho Kostov - one of the founders of genetics in our country.

It was precisely in Sofia that they made their first steps in the great international scientific world. Although they specialized and worked in the most famous universities in Europe and the United States, they never forgot their roots and Bulgarian creative spirit.

The exhibition is prepared for the Day of Sofia - September 17, and is organized with the kind assistance of Sofia Municipality. The exhibition is presented in the open-air gallery in the City Garden in front of Ivan Vazov National Theater.

Regional History Museum – Sofia will expand its permanent exhibition on the Day of Sofia - September 17, 2020. It will present the coin hoard from Sveta Nedelya Square. Also, in honor of the holiday, in addition to the permanent exhibition people will also be able to visit five temporary ones.

The permanent exposition of Sofia History Museum celebrates its fifth anniversary on September 17, 2020. On this important day, the history of the city is complemented by the coin hoard discovered during archeological excavations of Sveta Nedelya Square.

It was found in the northern part of the square. It consists of 2982 silver and 5 bronze coins, all placed in a ceramic pot. The treasure is believed to have been accumulated for centuries. The coins found in it date from the 2nd century BC to the 3rd century AD.

So far, this treasure is the largest one from Serdica from this period, discovered during archaeological excavations. It includes three groups of coins - Roman republican and imperial denarii and bronze provincial coins of the lowest denomination.

On the Day of Sofia, visitors can also visit the following temporary exhibitions:

  • Three architects – jubilarians - The exhibition presents three important architects: Naum Torbov, Lazar Parashkevanov and Petso Zlatev, whose birth anniversary we celebrate in 2020. What they all have in common is that all of them received their education abroad. After that, they returned and joined the cultural and social life of Sofia. They worked in different periods and created works that are part of the history of Bulgarian architecture. Through their work we can trace the architectural styles of the city - from neo-Byzantine, through secession, to modernism. Among some of the most famous buildings by the three architects are the National Opera and Ballet, Lozenets Residence, the Central Sofia Market Hall, the Sofia Municipality Building at 33 Moskovska Street, Hemus Hotel, the National Assembly building (the former Party House), Georgi Asparuhov Stadium and others.
  • "Archaeology of Sofia" - The exhibition will present the studies and discoveries in the territory of Sofia and the region of the past archaeological season. It will run from September 10 until December 21, 2020.
  • History in Between - a project of Art Affairs & Documents Foundation. It is part of the Cultural Events Calendar of Sofia Municipality for 2020. It has two components - "Women of Sofia" and "History as an Image" (with the exhibition Fragments). It is located in the permanent exhibition halls and in the Central Lobby.
  • Under the Sky of Sofia is a photo exhibition of Sketches of Sofia. It is located in the hall under the domes on the second floor.
  • Wild Sofia " - Temporary exhibition with photographs of Atanas Grozdanov, Asen Ignatov, Dimitar Dimitrov, Dian Yankulov, Zhivko Nakev, Katerina Kavaldzhieva, N. Bc. Machei Shimanski, as well as author's illustrations of Anelia Pashova, Asen Ignatov, Asya Kamenova, Ventsislav Krastev, Georgi Bchelarov, Denitsa Peneva, Maria Krumovska, Faunagraphic. You can see the exhibition in " The Triangle Tower of Serdica " (Blvd. Princess Maria Luisa 16)

On the Day of Sofia, Sofia History Museum will also present a film made for people with hearing impairment. The story, dedicated to the permanent exhibition, has a sign language interpretation. Thus, the movie will be used in museum educational programs.

Cinema House (Dom na kinoto). The Mayor – a documentary about the life and work of Eng. Ivan Ivanov - the longest ruling and most successful mayor of Sofia.

On the occasion of the Day of Sofia, at a festive film screening, as well as on national television, The Mayor will be broadcast. The documentary is about the life and work of Eng. Ivan Ivanov - the longest ruling and most successful mayor of Sofia during the XX century.

On September 17 (Thursday) - the Day of Sofia, the residents and guests of the city will be able to watch the screening of the film at the Cinema House at 6:30 pm. Tickets can be bought at the box office of the Cinema House.

The Bulgarian National Television will also celebrate the holiday of the capital with two broadcasts of the film: on September 17 at 7:30 pm - BNT 2, and on September 20 (Sunday) at 3:30 pm - BNT 1. The Mayor is directed by Adela Peeva and Antoniy Donchev and is made with the support of the National Film Center, the Ministry of Culture, the Culture Program of Sofia Municipality and Goethe-Institut Sofia.

Sofia- celebrate with classical music – Concert

The concert will take place in Platforma A6 – National Palace of Culture, on Thursday – September 17, at 19:00. Soloists: Gergana Nikolaeva – mecosoprano and Georgy Cherkin – pioano. Conductor: Grigor Palikoraov. Ensemble: Classic FM Radio Orchestra. In the program: Handel; Beethoven, Schumann, Mozart, Debussy, Moricone.

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