The Day of Sofia offered an abundance of cultural events

Sunday, 17 September 2017

In September Sofia celebrated faith, hope, love and wisdom. It offered its residence and guests colorful festivals and events which drew attention to the beauty, value, preservation and promotion of the rich cultural heritage of the city. On September 16-17 during the holiday of the capital there was also a great deal of interest around the European Heritage Days in the capital as temples, museums and galleries, institutions, including the Presidency and the National Assembly, opened their doors to visitors. They provided citizens with the rare opportunity to visit a variety of hard-to-reach landmarks with high cultural value. On September 16-17, the second edition of Sofia Medieval Festival - Balkans in the Middle Ages, also gathered thousands of visitors in G. S. Rakovski Military Academy Park in the city center. The Festival recreated the atmosphere of the 10th-15th century period - under the sounds of a medieval bagpipe in an authentic military camp everyone could shoot with bow and arrows, try a helmet, learn more about the different types of weapons, about recipes and food from this period, the processing of leather and parchment, the various battle strategies which military victories depended on, as well as observe martial demonstrations and medieval crafts.

On September 17 on the occasion of the European Mobility Week, Sofia also offered a trip on a retro-tram and walking tours with a guide.

The Bulgarian capital has always been hospitable and colorful and its holiday on September 17 demonstrated how an ancient city has a young spirit, how it grows but does not age.