Welcome to Sofia
the capital of Bulgaria

24 Jun | POEM OF FLOWERS Music and Dance Events
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28 Jun | SLEEPING BEAUTY Music and Dance Events

June 2024

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Where to stay?

Hotel Shipka

Shipka hotel is located in the center of Sofia, 5 minutes from the National Palace of Culture. Its location provides convenient transport links to the administrative and commercial center of the capital, as well as to the cultural attractions of the city and its surroundings. The hotel is open all year round.

What to do?

Iskar Dam

The Iskar Dam is the largest reservoir in area and volume in Bulgaria. It is situated on the Iskar River between the cities of Sofia and Samokov. The dam is 20 km long, its altitude is 800 m, and its width in some areas reaches 5 km. The dam provides 2/3 of the water for the capital Sofia, also being used for producing hydroelectricity. An area for recreation and tourism has been built along the coastal strip of the dam. There are three main specializations of the area - short-term recreation by the water area, water sports and fishing. The accommodation capacity includes about 600 beds, mainly in departmental stations and a campsite with about 40 beds. The feeding base includes the restaurant Shtarkelovo gnezdo and several small restaurants and cafes. A sailing base has been built in the area. Different species of fish such as catfish, pike, trout, carp, perch, etc. live in the reservoir.