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Wednesday 23 September 2020
21 September 2020 - 27 September 2020
September 2020
20.09.2020 - 23.09.2020

Extreme Fest 2020 and Sofia Urban Zone Sport – in Knyazheska Garden

Knyazheska Garden
Festival of extreme and new urban sports. Sofia - European Capital of Sport and Sofia Municipality invite you to Extreme Fest 2020. For 4 days (September 20-23 ), the center of Sofia will become a lively sports arena. Demonstrations, games and competitions in 15 disciplines will take place in Knyazheska Garden near Eagles’ Bridge. Bungee jumping, skateboarding and rollerblading, martial arts, street workout, running and many more favorite urban sports activities for young people will be awaiting you. Do not miss the Folklore Fiesta with the participation of the most popular bands and orchestras. Extreme Fest 2020 – from September 20 to 23, after 5 pm in Knyazheska Garden near Eagles’ Bridge.
Sports Events

National Palace of Culture 360 Sports Fest - European Night of Sport

Around and in the NPC
NPC 360 - European Night of Sport is organized for the third consecutive year and brings together several sports events to promote sports opportunities in the capital and especially in and around the NPC where the road from the city center to Vitosha Mountain actually begins. The event is part of the annual European Night of Sport. The event is organized by Sofia Municipality, Sofia - European Capital of Sport Foundation, the National Palace of Culture, Vasil Levski National Sports Academy, and the Bulgarian Orienteering Federation with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. NPC 360 - European Night of Sport also supports the campaign Vitosha - accessible to everyone of Vitosha Nature Park, which raises funds for the construction of alleys and sports grounds in the mountains for people with special needs. The sports festival consists of running up the steps of the National Palace of Culture, climbing the building, orienteering, raising a hot air balloon, demonstrations of Bulgarian sports and fun games, quizzes, and activities for children. All activities will start after 5 pm.
Sports Events

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