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Where to stay?

4 sezona

A place for your recreation. "4 Sezona" hotel provides complete environment for relaxation, professional service and decent prices. It is our pleasure to present you the new hotel "4 Sezona". It is situated near Downtown, "Sofia" airport, Inter Expo Center (IEC) which makes it very practical. "4 Sezona" hotel provides 12 luxury well-appointed rooms.

What to do?

Museum of Illusions

It’s fascinating. It’s fun. It’s sure to be surprising. 400 m2 full of riveting illusions, wonderful atmosphere. The place where illusions meet scientific inventions and arts: physics and optics are displayed together with mysterious artworks and classical riddles. The exceptional educational experience is enriched by interactive entertainment — drawing with a light, creating shadows and unforgettable moments in the world upside down.