Wednesday, 08 June 2022

From June 9 to 12, 2022, at the– Student’s Park /opposite the University of National and World Economy/


Bring the whole family and tell all your friends - the festival will have something for everyone.

Plenty of delicious, quality food will be waiting for you.

Sample traditional Balkan specialties served directly from the producer.

Enjoy a juicy burger or a fresh tortilla.

Get a taste of summer at the freshly caught fish and seafood stand.

Or transport yourself to the sunny Spain with just a bite of the irresistible paella prepared in front of you.

Good food goes hand-in-hand with the right drink.

Enjoy excellent beer, a special selection of Bulgarian wines and over 100 types of signature cocktails.

The Arts and Creative Crafts Bazaar is the place to meet Bulgarian artists who create beauty in every form.

In the daily art classes for children and adults, everyone can create their own masterpiece by painting the white canvas.

A large sports area and outdoor sports and dance lessons, competitions with prizes, relay games, raffle and other surprises!

The icing on the cake of course are the great concerts every night:
09.06 - Billy the Kid and Demo
10.06 - Boris Soltarijski
11.06 - Ostava
12.06 - Miro

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