Monday, 28 February 2022

Putting on a martenitsa on March 1 is one of the most popular traditions in Bulgaria.The martenitsa is an adornment made with intertwined white and red threads. Its colours have a symbolic meaning: red represents blood and life, while white – purity and happiness. Nowadays, all Bulgarians wear martenitsas in March. In the past it was believed that the martenitsa protected the house from evil spirits, illnesses and poverty, and the people from ailments and bad luck, and bestowed upon them longevity, health and strength. The martenitsa is worn until you see a stork or a blossoming tree - symbols of the spring and its warmth. Then the martenitsa is put on the tree for health and fertility. If you want to be healthy all year long – follow this Bulgarian tradition! On March 1, the oldest woman in the family ties martenitsas on all children’s wrists so that they are healthy.