Vitosha Nature Park - one of the 11 nature parks in Bulgaria

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

May 28 - Day of Parks in Bulgaria

Since 1999, May 28 has been celebrated as the Day of Parks in Bulgaria. On its area of 110,993.6 km² our country has 11 nature parks. The total area of these parks also represents the largest protected area in the country. One of these parks is Vitosha Nature Park, which is located on the territory of Vitosha Mountain. This is the first park not only in Bulgaria but also on the Balkan Peninsula. Established in 1934, Vitosha Nature Park is the first park not only in Bulgaria but also on the Balkan Peninsula. There is a variety of vegetation species, fungi, and invertebrates on the territory of Vitosha Nature Park. Along with the many species of permanent birds, there are many nesting and migratory birds depending on the season. In terms of the large mammals, red deer, roe deer, wild boar, bear, and wolf can be found in Vitosha. More than half of all species of bats present in Bulgaria can be seen in Vitosha Nature Park.

The close proximity of Vitosha Mountain to the Bulgarian capital determines the importance of the nature park for the tourism in Sofia. From a tourism point of view, Vitosha provides Sofia with conditions for winter and summer tourism as it has a variety of landmarks - Cherni Vrah - 2290 m, the fabulous Boyana Waterfall, Bistrishko Branishte Reserve, the longest cave in Bulgaria - Duhlata, Zlatnite Mostove, Kamen Del Peak, stone rivers, the Vitosha tulip and many others.

Vitosha is also the home of the Boyana Church St. St. Nicholas and Panteleimon, whose frescoes are the predecessors of the European Renaissance. The church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.