Sofia Zoo - the only zoo in Bulgaria where you can see a red-handed tamarin

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Sofia Zoo is the first and only zoo in Bulgaria, which has two red-handed tamarin monkeys on display. These extremely beautiful and interesting tamarins are in our country thanks to an animal exchange project. They are housed in the renovated Primate sector, but due to the Covid-19 restrictions, you will only be able to see them outside.

This species usually inhabits the forests around the Amazon river and is relatively small in size - about 500 g, feeding mainly on insects, ripe fruit and resin, but their diet also includes small vertebrates and bird eggs.

At the moment, more than 50 monkeys of 11 species live with them at Sofia Zoo. All of them have large outdoor enclosures with natural vegetation, bamboo trees and suitable environment.

The red-handed tamarins are the latest addition to the capital's zoo, with a pair of Persian leopards and a pair of snow leopards joining last year. We are also expecting a female polar bear as a partner of the male polar bear Liam.

In addition, Sofia Zoo helps extinct species return to the wild. 15 common fallow deer and one red deer were provided by the Zoo for the project of the Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna and Green Balkans. The animals were released in the Kresna Gorge and Kotlenska Mountain. In recent years, barn-owls and Egyptian vulture, hatched and raised at the Zoo, have been released into the wild on several occasions.