Sofia Supports Youth Projects with BGN 150,000

Friday, 14 May 2021

For the first time Sofia Municipality has funded projects under the Sofia - City of the Young and Active Programme. There are 27 youth projects with a total budget of BGN 150,000 based on an assessment by an Expert Commission, and the funds are provided from the budget of Sports Base for Sports for All.

90 organizations applied with different projects, including various institutions, vocational high schools, student councils, district administrations and youth organizations.

The projects with the highest number of points in terms of efficiency (according to the criteria of the Programme) will be proposed for funding, and all projects that have received more than 280 points will receive 100% of the financial assistance requested by the organizations.

The sub-program "My city" includes 8 projects connected to the funding of activities related to the cultural and historical heritage of the city.

The sub-program “Shared Spaces “ contains 9 projects through which young people show their concern for causes supporting disadvantaged people and initiatives of non-governmental organizations implementing activities for young people at risk.

10 projects will be funded through the sub-program "Youth for Sofia". They will focus on the initiative of student forms of self-government, on training and the establishment of networks for knowledge exchange and mutual assistance, volunteer initiatives and skills development of youth leaders.

The Media Development Center foundation has prepared the project Vaccination against Misinformation. The Ela I Ti Foundation wants to provide access to attractive natural landmarks for people with disabilities – for example a boat trip on Druzhba Lake