A trolleybus and a tram with collages of cultural heritage sites in Sofia

Friday, 14 May 2021

Two unusually "dressed" public transport vehicles took to the streets of Sofia - an art gallery on a tram with elements from Bulgaria and Belgium and a trolleybus with folklore motifs from Bulgaria and 21 countries from all continents, including the United States, Portugal, Hungary, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Spain, Montenegro, Azerbaijan, Argentina, Ireland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Algeria, Finland, Poland, Albania, Georgia, Egypt, Kosovo, Morocco.

This is the third edition of the Art4Diplomacy project of Bulgarian artist Petya Ilieva.

The trolleybus symbolically marks the 80th anniversary of the first trolleybus in Sofia.

Tram 10 is covered with images from Bulgaria and Belgium and marks the 120th anniversary of the first electric tram in Sofia. On January 1, 1901, the Belgian company Electric Trams SA constructed the first tram line, 23 km long, and Sofia became one of the first capitals in the world with electric transport. The magnificent collages depict similar natural and architectural sites, historical monuments and customs from both countries.

The two vehicles were not chosen by chance - they operate on the longest routes that pass through the central and most iconic places in the capital. They will run for 1 year.

The modernization of the public transport in Sofia continues and 6 more new trolleybuses are to be put into operation. They are part of the delivery of 30 new vehicles, which will completely renew the trolleybus fleet of the capital's electric transport. 12 trolleybuses have already been put into operation and they run on lines 1, 6 and 9.