The new 4-kilometer part of the metro line is now open

Friday, 14 May 2021

The new part of the third metro line also includes the newly built station in Gorna Banya, which is expected to reduce car traffic in Sofia by up to 25%.

It has four metro stations - Ovcha Kupel, Mizia /New Bulgarian University, Ovcha Kupel 2 and Gorna Banya.

In addition to the construction of the new section of the metro in Ovcha Kupel district, President Lincoln Blvd. was also completely renovated. A completely new street in the quarter has also been built.

Along with the metro, 3 new car parks have been built for a total of 700 cars. With the opening of the new stations, an outdoor parking lot will be opened, located next to the last station in Gorna Banya near the ring road. With the launch of the new 4-km section of the 3rd line, the total length of the metro route has reached 52 km with 47 metro stations.

The construction of 8 new metro stations next to Tech Park and from the Hadzhi Dimitar district to Levski-G is also part of the development and sustainability plan.

The procedure for the extension of the metro route from Lyulin metro station to the Ring Road is almost completed.

There was also a public discussion if the route should be included in the General Development Plan of Sofia.