Sofia Municipal Council adopted the Budget of Sofia for 2021

Monday, 15 March 2021

After public discussions and debates in the Sofia council commissions, the municipal councilors adopted the budget of Sofia in the amount of BGN 1.891 billion.

The budget of Sofia is focused on achieving 3 goals – construction of strategic infrastructure of Sofia and repairs in all quarters, new kindergartens and places for children from 3 to 6 years of age, improvement of the air quality and environmentally friendly urban transport. A total of BGN 140 million is provided for the construction of strategic infrastructure. These funds will be directed to the construction of new boulevards, which are part of the internal ring roads and the connections with the Ring Road; as well as to major repairs of key routes that improve urban connectivity.

The project of Sofia Municipality has a list of 10 key sites. These funds will be used to continue the renovation of T. Kableshkov Blvd., the completion of Filip Kutev St., which is part of the internal ring road, the long-awaited renovation of Parva Bulgarska Armia Blvd., as well as of Kukush Street, Lyulin’s tunnels, Skobelev Blvd., Kopernik Street and Chepinsko Shose Street.

The expected results are the removal of traffic from the city center, which will lead to improved air quality. Other long-awaited repair works, which will be implemented in 2021, include the reconstruction of the tram route on Tsar Boris III Blvd. (from Knyazhevo district to Sofia Court House) with EU funding of BGN 48 million. Funding has also been provided for the construction of the connection between the water supply system of Iskar Reservoir and Rila Water Supply Network. This new connection will be part of Sofia's strategic infrastructure, as it will provide water supply from various sources.

BGN 65.7 million are provided for the second strategic goal - construction, expansion and repairs of kindergartens and nurseries. Thus, 45 new buildings will be constructed in all districts of Sofia Municipality. The design of 16 new kindergartens will also be funded. BGN 1.5 million are guaranteed for the construction of modern school toilets under the Sofia Chooses Program. The team of Eng. Dzhorgov together with the authors of the project are already developing the program for funding and construction.

The final goal is the improvement of the quality of the atmospheric air in Sofia and the cleanliness of the city. Funds will be used for the replacement of old stoves, investments in the metro and electric transport, measuring stations and air monitoring systems, washing of streets and parks. Funds will also be provided for the collection of household waste. Also, a procedure under the Public Procurement Law is currently underway for other heating appliances – gas heating systems, district heating, air conditioners and radiators. In 2021 the focus will be on the elimination of the so-called "muddy points" in the city.