One Person – new art installation in Sofia’s downtown

Tuesday, 08 December 2020

Venelin Shurelov's 13-meter high-tech interactive art installation One Person came to life at the Mausoleum site in the center of Sofia, with the support of Sofia Municipality through the program for temporary works of art in an urban environment. The anthropomorphic figure includes a modular steel structure and double-sided LED screens, which receive dynamic content generated by a specially created computer algorithm in two modes. The first receives a signal from two cameras, which are located on the figure itself. A short recording of the video surveillance is broadcast on the screens at regular intervals.

In this way, the large "screen body" seems to be composed of the many figures of passers-by, and someone's figure may fill all the screens every hour on the hour. The second mode is generated by data analysis related to Sofia. One Person will live at the site of the former mausoleum for a year - until the winter of 2021.

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