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Exhibition "Games and Science with Muzeiko" in the Crystal garden

The Municipal Cultural Institute Scientific and Educational Children's Center "Muzeiko" presented to the citizens and guests of Sofia its new exhibition "Games and Science with Muzeiko", which can be viewed in the Crystal garden until June 26 th . It provides information on the interactive experience of young visitors at Muzeiko, revealing various fields of science, adventures in nature and great human inventions.
"Games and Science with Muzeiko" was created to inspire and educate children through fun and educational activities. The 27 panels introduce visitors to the exciting and magical experience that awaits them at Muzeiko. From physics and chemistry to biology and astronomy, the exhibition will offer a rich variety of scientific topics to be explored through play and learning.
"Games and Science with Muzeiko" is part of the "Outdoor Galleries" initiative, organized by the Directorate of Culture - Sofia Municipality. This partnership provides an opportunity to create unique cultural and educational events accessible to all citizens and especially to children.


Friday 16 June 2023