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Vladaiska River

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Historical Information
Vladayska river springs around 300m west from Black peak (2245m altitude). It flows in north-west direction and goes through the localities Torfeno branishte and Zlatnite mostove (Golden bridges). It continues down a deep, afforested valley towards Vladaya village. From the village the river goes in an east-north direction and flows into Sofia where it goes through the districts Knyazhevo, Karpuzitsa, Ovcha kupel and industrial zone Sredets. The river continues towards the central part of Sofia down Engineer Ivan Ivanov Blvd. and then down Slivnitsa Blvd. After Stochna gara square it goes through industrial zone Hadji Dimitar, Orlandovtsi district, north from Malashevtsi district and east from Benkovski district. Near the Obradovski monastery in flows back into Perlovska river 500m before Perlovska flows into Iskar river. The part of the river bed that goes through Sofia has been adjusted. In the older times the river has been called Luda Elelshnitsa and Klisurska (after the old name of Knyazhevo district – Klisura).
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Vladayska river is a Bulgarian river and a left tributary of Perlovska river from the Iskar pool. The length of this river is 37km. Its main tributaries are Planinitsa river (flowing in between Vladaya and Sofia), Gornobanska river (left tributary, in Ovcha kupel district) and Suhodolska river (left tributary, east from Benkovski district). There is a lot of bridges throughout the city, the most famous of which are The Heroes bridge, The Alexander bridge and The Lions’ bridge. .