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Botanical garden by the Bulgarian academy of sciences

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1415 Botanicheska Gradina, Sofia
Historical Information
Over 3 300 species of plants from all continents are grown here. Over 1200 samples are the decorative varieties created by humans: roses, orchids, traditional Japanese azaleas, camelli, world-loved fly (pelargoniums), exotic American fuchsia, Japanese maples, juniper, tweed, lichens, etc. The garden is the base for practical classes of school and university students. In relation to the obligations of the country under the International Convention on Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora of the United Nations (CITES), a Rescue center for seized plants has been established. They consult state- and public institutions and citizens; they exchange research materials with gardens from around the world; they provide plants to enrich the collections of other gardens and parks in the country. As a part of the green system of the city the garden is a place for recreation for the thousands of visitors.

1415 Botanicheska Gradina, Sofia

Vitosha mountain, parks and gardens

The garden is a specialized academic unit with a specific activity: Creating and maintaining scientifically organized and documented collections of live local and exotic plants for the purpose of experimental botanical research on species’ biology and biodiversity conservation; Specialized and broad public environmental science education and environmental education. The botanical garden of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is home to the richest plant collection in the Balkans. The collection fund has over 4,500 species and forms of plants. Over 1% of the variety of embryophytes in the world is included in the collections.