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Plana Mountain

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Historical Information
The highest peak is Manastirishte - 1338 m, located in the northern part of the mountain. In translation, the name Plana means wide, open or high. The largest monastery is the Kokalyane monastery "St. Archangel Michael ", which was a lively literary center. The mountain is accessible to all the surrounding villages and neighborhoods. Plana protected area is included in the National Ecological Network NATURA 2000 under the Habitats Directive. Route suggestions: Kokalyane – Kitkata – Tsar Yasenov road (Prosetschnik rock) – Devils bridge – Kokalyane monastery – Krastat dab – Manastirishte peak – approx. 4 hrs Devils bridge – Krastat dab – Zheleznitsa springs – Zheleznitsa – approx. 4.15 hrs.
Vitosha mountain, parks and gardens

Plana is small in terms of territory, but very beautiful medium-high mountain, located between Vitosha and Rila, between Sofia, Samokov and Pancharevo Gorge of the Iskar River, which separates it from Lozenska Mountain. It’s a great place for day trips because it has some convenient routs which cater to people of all ages.