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Sportna Sofia Ice Rink

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+3592 829 19 56, +359884 467 264
Working time
Monday - Sunday 08:30 – 21:30 h
Zona B-5, 2 Bulgarska morava Str.
Bus 74, trolleybus 1, 5.
The Ice Rink of "Sports Sofia - 2000" is part of the facilities of the open multifunctional sports complex "Zone B-5", with an area of ​​800 square meters and a capacity of up to 100 users simultaneously. A team of instructors takes care of those who want to experience the magic of skating and the ice field, as well as the good mood of the rink. It also offers initial training for children and beginners in sports such as ice hockey, figure skating and others.

Zona B-5, 2 Bulgarska morava Str.

+3592 829 19 56, +359884 467 264

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