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Aleko hut, Vitosha mountain
Buses № 66, № 122, № 123, Simeonovo gondola lift.
Vitosha offers excellent conditions for several hours of skiing and snowboarding to all guests and residents of Sofia. The ski slopes are varied and suitable for for both experienced and beginner skiers and snowboarders, as well as for children. The season is usually from early December to mid-April. Aleko Ski and Snowboard Center is the oldest in Bulgaria - its altitude is about 1800 meters, and the slopes are over 10 and are oriented to the north. Ski and snowboard facilities include 1 gondola, 2 chair lifts, 3 stationary and several portable ski lifts. Other centers in the mountain are Konyarnika – Vetrovala and Ophelias. Access to the ski slopes from the city is provided by 2 lifts, which can be reached by public transport. The information about the current condition and working hours of the tracks and facilities is updated daily on

Aleko hut, Vitosha mountain

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