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YEVGENIY FIKS. Dictionary of the Queer International

Sofia Arsenal – Museum of Contemporary Art presents the exhibition YEVGENIY FIKS. Dictionary of the Queer International. (17.03.2022 – 30.04.2022)
Sofia Arsenal – Museum of Contemporary Art I slocated at 2 Cherni Vrah Blvd., Sofia 
Dictionary of the Queer International is an exhibition that stems from a book by the same name, edited by Yevgeniy Fiks and published by ArtsEverywhere and Publication Studio Guelph in 2020, which consists of words and phrases in local queer languages, including “Тематический” from Russia, “Beke” in the Philippines, “Polari” from the U.K. and “Pajuba” in Brazil.
In the iteration at Pushkin House in London, Fiks takes the Dictionary of the Queer International further and composes poems by mixing words and phrases from different local queer languages from around the world. Fiks’s queer internationalist poetry, presented as text on banners and designed by Katya Sivers, reimagines internationalism, evokes experiments in utopian language creation, and contributes to the queer critique of cultural imperialism and globalization.
The question of culture and language com es to the foreground more than ever at times of political uncertainty, as a form of cultural resistance to both hierarchical globalization and a nationalism of exclusion. In this current political and cultural situation, the Dictionary of the Queer International proposes a vision of international, intersectional, and non-hierarchical queer culture via the creation of an imaginary queer fusion-language.
Image and text: official website of National Gallery


Thursday 17 March 2022